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Created on: Season 2, Day 64

Reconstructed on: Season 11, Day 100


From: dickerson greatness.

Subject: the book.

To: you know who.

Date: Season 1, Day 2



you've seen the decrees that are coming up this season, right? i'm not the only one who's noticed that opening that goddamn book is one of the choices. when you suggested the idea of joining this sport, or splort, whatever the hell, i expected this to be a good opportunity to expand our network. gather more info. what i didn't expect, was for the chance of opening THAT fucking book.

you know my stance on that thing. you know how much research we've done on it. you damn well fucking know what might happen if that book opens. we CANNOT afford to have that happen. you know we can't. we need to stop this, STAT.

look. this is one of the most fun operations that i've personally been on. it's very fun to see all those articles about how "i'm destined for greatness" and all that. being appreciated for something, while probably not something that normally comes with being a spy, is something that i damn well like. but christ. i didn't expect THIS to happen. did you?

ive gotten close with our team. we've built a close comraderie, and i can't help but think about what'll happen if we lose one of them. i don't think i'll be able to bear that burden if we ever come to that. which we will. we can't talk about that book, but at the same time, everyone else not knowing what the book does will be their damnation.

im not going to ask you to spread information about the book, as some act of self-sacrifice. god knows that wouldn't stop anything. but please, i don't want that thing opened. we need to do everything in our power to stop that from happening.



From: dickerson greatness.

Subject: resignation.

To: spies.

Date: Season 2, Day 64


hey. you know i don't talk much. i hope that helps you realise how serious this is.

im resigning from the spies. tomorrow will be my last day playing in this team. i know you're curious, but since you're spies i bet you also know that i can't answer your questions.

i just want to say that, im sorry. im sorry for letting that book open. i know that i couldn't really have done much more than what i did, but im still sorry.

it's been amazing playing with you all. im really going to miss you. part of me hopes that i'll be remembered as someone who could've been so much more, but on the other hand, being forgotten also seems pretty ironic in a way. i guess it comes with the job huh? in a way, being forgotten means that people don't have to grieve me anymore, so maybe that's the best outcome here.

please don't ask me about the resignation when you see this. let's just have one more day together... before i'm gone.

I'll always love you,


From: The Spies

Subject: Thank you.

To: Dickerson Greatness [INACTIVE]

Date: Season 11, Day 100


Hey, Dick. It's us.

It's been so long since we've known you. Seasons. Almost 10, too. I know that your account is inactive but... after seeing what happened in the past few years, we wanted to send a message anyways. Maybe incase you come back someday.

We've gotten so far. We've entered the playoffs so many times now, at this point we may just as well be one of the best teams. We've only lost a single agent, and even then they came back, albeit in a different form. The only reason some of our other members aren't here is because they've been dispatched on infiltration missions.

So many things have happened, Dick. You wouldn't believe it. Who would have thought that something like this could've ended up causing so many things. We've built a communal collective with four other teams, grown closer relationships with others, and our performance has only been getting better and better. We have so many agents now.

We couldn't have done it without you, Dick. I'm still not sure how you knew what would happen, but you did, and we'll never forget that last day that we spent together. Son still talks about you, Math occasionally goes to back when you were still with us, and Alex's been doing their best to honour you the best way they know how.

We hope that we've made you proud, Dick. It seems that this season we're bound to get rid of the book in some way or another. We don't know what this will do, we have guesses but beyond that... we've learnt that trying to predict what this splort has in mind is impossible. We can only wonder.

Thank you, Dick. For all your contributions, all of your help, and everything that you've done. You helped us start this, and we'll help see it through to the end. For the mission, for the Spies, for all of us, and for you.

We'll always love you too,

The Spies.


"We're all destined for greatness. And I hope we'll all live to see it."

?????? - Season 2, Day 65