Some tips from an experienced organiser

Organize for clear, attainable goals that have benchmarks and ways to measure success. Catharsis and “raising awareness” are really immeasurable. Organize stuff that makes people’s lives better.

Going to protests is not what it’s all about. Sometimes they can be good, but there’s a tendency to think of protests as “doing something,” and to just hopping around to different protests.

Listen to people’s opinions. Listen to people first. See where people are at. Listen to people’s problems. Don’t assume what people’s opinions or problems are going to be.

Don’t just build with people from the subcultures and scenes and social groups you are most familiar with. It makes it so people who aren’t a part of that subculture don’t feel included.

Don’t get all caught up in ideological tiffs. Demonstrate your methodology through how you organize.

Respect collective process. Work through disagreements collectively. Plan things collectively.

Knock doors, make phone calls, contact people. Don’t just rely on social media to organize.

Be consistent. Like a drumbeat. Be on time. Do what you say you’ll do.

Don’t write people off because they have a bad position on something. People can be moved. Don’t leave people behind or forget about people. People aren’t expendable.

Power is on the shop floor, not in boardrooms. Build with rank and file.

Don’t ask permission.

Stay close to the workers.

Don’t be afraid to disagree, but don’t be a dick about it.

Include people and make them feel welcome by approaching them and asking how their kids are and shit.

Don’t get concerned with the accoutrements of organizing. Posters and newsletters and socials are great, but you can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

Organize the working class, not the left.