Hello everyone. We would like to thank you for giving us the time to consider this operation. This one offers no strategic benefit, it is all simply a sentimental tribute to our Spies.

To put it simply, we would like to group all of our Spies within the Hall together. They have heard, if not known of each other for quite a while. Despite everything, we all stick together, and we'd love to do keep doing so in the Hall as well.

We are bound by our honor, our solidarity, and our love for each other - and we would like to reflect that by keeping them together, wherever the Hall may be.

If you would like to help, please look at the table below, and help group our Spies together. Keep them as close to each other as you can, so that they may never be alone.

Spies win, and may our Spies RIV.

~ Houston Spies


Note: This HALL's values update every minute. Spies added manually.
Name Peanuts Needed for grouping