Passwords are case-insensitive, and all symbols (including spaces) are ignored.

Password count: 18

  • Simple: 6 - These passwords will return certain responses. The simplest of passwords. If a password just gives you some text, it's probably of this type. Unless it looks like a joke. What constitutes as a joke? That's confidential.
  • Lore: 4 - These passwords hide away classified lore documents. Some of them can also be found in the Bureau Of Myths, so...
  • Jokes: 2 - Hey, who put these here?
  • Misc: 6 - These passwords do not fit into the above categories. I wonder what they do...?

What is this?

This page is the jewel of the headquarters. Our Portal Room, in a sense. However, you can’t just say where you want to go, and go there. No no no. You have to know the passphrase. Entering the correct phrase can do anything from displaying a message to redirecting to a different hidden webpage.

Wrong answers aren’t punished. Correct answers are rewarded. Passwords could be anything from the name of a blaseball team, to common phrases, to hidden keys revealed by the site. Anything could be a key. We reward creativity and curiosity.

Enjoy your stay.