[Content exists by sufferance of the Department Of Tutorials (DOT)]

While we Spies do love our obfuscation and puzzles, this site is dedicated to holding information (or, at least, information that the writers are cleared to disseminate), so here’s most of what would ordinarily be called a sitemap.

(There’s a handful of secrets and obscure bits scattered here and there, which I am not going to document because that would defeat the point of having easter eggs. They shouldn’t be important for your use of the site for informational purposes, though.)

Are you new here? Whether or not you are an overt Spies fan, The Information tab in the menu will grant you access to a great detail of information. This includes the Orientation Slideshow(s), our FAQ, other sources of Blaseball intel, and other team sites.

Are you interested in our Debriefings? This page has them in reverse chronological order, this page has ten at a time with small descriptions underneath them, and this is the RSS feed. Also, if you’re trying to figure out which Debriefings to read, Greatest Hits has some recommendations.

(You can also see All Posts, which also includes our occasional non-Debriefings posts.)

Are you trying to find our team Twitter account? We don’t have one because Spies do not wish to speak in a singular voice. This list maintained by Agent O is a list of agents and associates that may add up to a team Twitter account’s worth of stuff, though.

Did you need a pointer towards where our team Discord server is? Right over here.

Do you want to know what we’re doing? The Operations page has a list of our least classified schemes and plans.

Are you interested in fanfiction? We have a reasonably well-populated AO3 tag, and the Bureau of Myths lists a handful of fanfics that require hosting here because of their unusual structure/format.

Are you interested in our union-boosting activities? The Bureau of Unity is its own section of our website.

Do you use RSS? will get you all our posts, and is for just the Debriefings.

…I don’t know what Lies is for, either.