Welcome to Decentral Command. This page will be kept up to date with ongoing workshops, training and other events organised by fans of the Houston Spies.

Blaseball is a game about collective action and organising together. The Blaseball fandom has been engaged in this from its inception- from creating amazing art and music to organising charity events and physical merchandise. We are here to learn together how to apply these to our offline lives and improve our material conditions.

We hope that our actions show the positive motivating power of online communities and fandoms, and will inspire others to organise collectively.

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Agitate Educate Operate #6

The Bureau of Unity union organising training. Based on the IWW’s Your Job Your Union training, this 5-hour crash course covers the basics of getting started in union organising. We have run four of these so far to great success. This is an introductory course designed to give you the basics of organising a union. For the full course, contact the Industrial Workers of the World at iww.org

If you or anyone you know would like advice on organising your workplace, contact your local Industrial Workers of the World branch here.

Our next is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd of February, 18:00 UTC 2022.  

Join if you would like to learn:

    • How to begin the process of organising your workplace by creating a map of the social and physical layout.
    • How to talk to your co-workers.
    • How to get other workers to join a union and why.
    • How to decide on and conduct a collective action.

Workplace Organising Resources

A page containing resources for workplace organising including anonymised transcripts of our previous training.