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This page contains a necessarily incomplete assortment of Blaseball history, analysis, and news sources.

You are not expected to consume all of this. You are not even expected to consume any of this! Consuming everything on this page would require you to have several weeks to burn several hours per day, which is obviously infeasible for 99+% of people, and honestly it would be even weirder if you did somehow read and listen to and watch it all than if you didn’t. But if you’re on summer break or something…

(deep breath) Here goes.

The Discipline Era (Season 1-11)

In case you want to know where to start archive-binging, and have already seen Blaseball’s official recaps on Youtube, here’s some sources that only really discuss the first era of Blaseball (see the next section for continuing resources and also new resources):

  • “Blaseball: The First Eight Seasons”, (mostly) by Jack Hall of BNN. A season 9-11 recap has been promised for quite a while now, though it never quite materialized.
  • Cat Manning’s blogging about the Discipline Era on Substack – this is from a video game narrative designer, so there’s analysis from that perspective. Particularly good for the latter half of the Era, seasons 7 through 11. Best read in chronological order (bottom to top).
  • This Is A Cultural Event. A podcast. More detailed season-by-season recaps, up to Season 14, and also quite funny. Sadly, at time of writing, it is presently trapped in that one Temporary Forever Hiatus that you might know about from webcomics.
  • Take Me Out to the Blall Game was a podcast that covered Blaseball’s culture and social landscape.
  • Another site for recaps and information on how to play the game, and also articles on the game’s history.

The Expansion Era (Seasons 12-24)

Since the previous list, a few more sources have emerged that better discuss Expansion Era events, many of which also reach backwards to events before Season 12:

Gamma (Short Circuits, Season 25+)

Many sources from the Expansion era (including the Debriefings and Blaseball Blexplained) will continue to cover the Blaseball Gamma relaunch. Any further newly created sources will be linked here if we can find them.

The Debriefings Don’t Cover Everything

During Blaseball itself, you may wish to supplement your media diet with other Blaseball news sources.

  • Of course the Blaseball official twitter is the voice of Parker MacMillan IIIII, the Commissioner.
  • SIBR’s twitter account talks about statistical firsts and new mechanics as they happen.
  • The Blaseball News Network Twitter account also reports breaking news. The BNN website has longer blog posts, including a Power Ranking prior to every season that everyone enjoys making “where is BNN” memes about whenever said rankings are wrong.
  • Agent O also has a personal soft spot for Infinite Cities Blaseball, which is a weekly talk show podcast where a bunch of Tacos fans discuss fandom happenings, though they state upfront that they really aren’t a news service at all.

If you have more suggestions, you may leave them in the public dropbox (which is to say, the comments section) below.

Note that I’m looking for series, continuously-updated sites, or particularly extensive and dedicated recaps, not just singular articles, and preferably ones that focus on the plot.


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