Debriefings Missives


Epilogue: The other Debriefings writers provide a few last words (and links to where to find them on various social media sites).

Within each Agent’s office, a small box bolted to the floor and labeled “Succession Planning” is locked with a dead man’s switch: if the Agent does not respond to a message every few months, their box will open. Each contains a handful of passwords, decryption keys, and codewords, as well as one more note…

Agent O: This has been an honor, and a pleasure. If you wish to find and follow me as OJ the writer, outside the guise of Agent O – I guess tumblr is the social media site I use slightly more often than never and I theoretically have a twitter account, but if you’re looking for my future writing you probably actually want my AO3. Alternatively you could always just pop into the Spies’ Discord server and ask for me.

agent kit: the debriefs have been a great way for me to catch up on what’s happening, and to consolidate what i knew what was happening. i have fond memories of typing up a few hundred words on my phone, of adjusting formatting on a tiny screen, of learning how to use audacity again for a simple joke. i can’t thank oj enough for doing this, it’s been truly great. instead of following me on social media, leave a comment on your favourite artist/writer/etc latest work. good luck out there, agents, and remember. spies win.

Agent Pony: This splort and the long-running debriefs inspired us to try and write even just a little bit, despite the horrible timezones inadvertently causing possibly months worth of sleepless nights, the times we attempted to write and format HTML in bed on a phone on its last legs as the sun rises, the weird and strange setups we experimented with just to get a draft written and cleaned up, the even stranger theories we bounced around in our head/google doc, the entirety of Throwback Thursday, and various other little things. It’s been such fun to write as the debriefings team’s favorite Red String and Corkboard Lore Nerd (we think). If you wish to check out the other various things that we do, we’re on tumblr and (still) on twitter. With various additional links on Pony’s carrd.

Agent Lilienne: Agent OJ is a force of nature, and willed an incredible edifice of word and voice and happening beats into existence. My ‘yes and’ contributions were polished and proven better for it. Now we know who lived and who died, and I am humbled to have told some of the story along the way. Thank all of you for making space big enough to have Small Teams do this much, and be rewarded for it with Spies Strike levels of accomplishment. Find me on discord at Pfire#5164 … until that changes too.

Agent π: Trying to untangle the mess of mid-to-late Expansion Era was certainly a hell of a time and I genuinely am so glad to have had the opportunity to contribute in that regard (I totally called the BLACK HOLE (BLACK HOLE) thing by the way, sue me). Turns out journalism and writing at large can be pretty fun, thanks OJ for that one! Nowadays I’ve been doing some writing for my university’s student-run magazine (including a piece on Blaseball itself!); you can also catch me throughout the Blaseball sideserver multiverse as Willow or Nerdy314#8788.

Agent J: I was lucky enough to be able to contribute to debriefings at the beginning of the end here (I documented the entire first day of the new era. Phew!) and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. Blaseball has meant to much to me over the years and I can distinctly remember wanting to get off my shifts at work just to see what was going on during the end of the Expansion Era. I’ve done art, written fic, brainstormed character lore, (and even done some secret crossovers with other favorite media…) and the community with the spies has been one of the best creative environments I’ve been in. OJ has done an incredible job with everything here, keeping track of internet history like this is vital for the future. We love media preservation! If you want to follow me, my name everywhere is JamLabs. Godspeed and good luck agents! Spies win!

Agent א: I didn’t write many debriefings, but I had a blast. I’ll miss these debriefings, as well as Blaseball as a whole. Thank you to the other Spies that contributed. The debriefings really helped me catch up after the expansion era! Thank you all (including you, dear reader) for helping shape the story of Blaseball. You can find me online on Tumblr and AO3, where I plan on posting my Spies fics that are all currently WIPs. I’m also in Decentral Command and the Crabitat as wretched_weevil#6133, or simply Wyatt.

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