Season 19 Wednesday: The Standings are still bonkers, and we got another Feedback swap.

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Greetings Agents!

The Standings are still bonkers. In the past unit of time, we’ve unwon 15 games and lost 8.

Another Swap for the Books

Feedback continues to be our un?lucky weather. After many games with this weather, the other shoe dropped on Day 41. We were playing our Wild Low friends the Hellmouth Sunbeams. Quack Enjoyable, who had just been traded to the Sunbeams for Avila Guzman last election, was up to the plate.

A familiar sight occurred. They flickered once, flickered twice. Suddenly, they flickered off the plate. Replacing them was newly recruited Spy Siobhan Chark. Quack appeared in the Spies dugout, immediately picking up Chark’s dropped pair of sunglasses and putting them on.

While we’ve had Feedback games since, no other swaps have occurred. Quack has been a solid performer on the team so far, even better than Chark, and we’re already used to having birds on our team. What’s one more?

Come Get Your Items!

We obtained a bunch of new items on Day 50. First, the second Community Chest of the Season opened. Newly faxed pitcher Mohammed Picklestein dropped their Bat (which wasn’t of much use to them anyway) and obtained a Greedy Repeating Glove. While Repeating is not of much use for a pitcher, the glove itself will surely help Mo’ Pickles pitch better in future games.

The game on Day 50 also happened to be a Prize Match. The item up for grabs was Rubber Shoes. We ended up unwinning that game, and the new shoes went to Roaming player Jasper Blathers. They’re sure to get… a kick out of this.

Three Days

Days 48-50 were some of the most harrowing days in recent memory for the Spies. Earlier in the season, Solar Eclipses had incinerated many players already, so anxiety was high when Eclipses happened. But no one was prepared for this.

Three days. Three days straight of only Eclipse weather. There was no end in sight. It appeared in Tokyo and seemed to follow us back home to [REDACTED]. For three days it was only the dim light of the sun behind… whatever blocks it.

By some miracle, we ended up coming out of those three days unscathed. Reports abound of the Spies joyously celebrating this outcome, but as we are well aware, Spies never party.

Gifts and Gifts and Renovations, Oh My!

Latesiesta approaches, and that means it’s time to go over our plans for Renovations and Gift Wishlist!

As of right now, we already have two Renovations secured, and are 30% of the way to a third renovation. It’s not ideal for us to get a third renovation, so please do not contribute any more to renovations.

Instead, give money to other teams for gifts! Right now we’re at 2 gifts and are 56% of the way to a third gift. Of the options for our wishlist, the most ideal options are Life of the Party, Soundproof Team Edition, and Late to the Party (in no particular order). Please contribute money to make these stay our top 3 options. There are no ongoing gift exchanges, so if you feel the need to donate to other teams’ gifts, go with anyone!

That’s all for today, Agents. Take care, and remember, Spies Unwin.

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