Season 2 Wednesday: RIV Rosa, Sevgi’s Sworn In, Strike Schemes.

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Hello, agents, and thank you for joining us this timezone. The Houston Spies have won 4 games and lost 13 games since the last debrief, for a total of 18-29. I now ask you remove your regulation fedoras as we carry on with today’s debrief.

RIV Rivers Rosa

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of Agent Rivers Rosa’s passing. A player from Day 1, Season β1 of Blaseball, Agent Rosa has seen it all. A career Firefighter, they joined Blaseball after studying Fire Science in college, and stayed with The Chicago Firefighters until a Feedback event in Season β14 saw them swap teams with NaN (who was on The Ohio Worms at the time). From there, they entered the shadows, and were stolen by The Los Angeles Unlimited Tacos’ Thieves’ Guild, where they stayed until The Fall Ball.

It has been reported that Esme Ramsey, a fellow Day 1, Season β1 starter, was pitching at the time. I cannot imagine losing someone you have known for so long. The Houston Spies lost that match 6-21. An understandably terrible performance, after such violence.

Elsewhere in the league, Inky Rutledge was also incinerated. Inky – another Day 1, Season β1 original, and once a holder of the 2 Blood Blagonball – was the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter (and inspired a song by The Seattle Garages). Rutledge also inspired a nickname for the entity known as The Monitor – Binky, short for Big Inky.

G███████, f███████ s███. Hubris. Of f███████ course this happened. Open The Book, they said. It’ll be fine, they said. Nothing bad ever happens in Blaseball. S███.

Sevgi’s Search Starts

Agent Sevgi Gore has been tasked with a quest from The Knight Umpire. Agent Gore retreated to the shadows after being sworn in, bringing up Agent Scratch Deleuze – originally squashed by the falling of Agent Mindy Salad. While we are unsure exactly what Agent Gore will do in the shadows, it is all bound to be part of The Plan.

Spies Strike Scheme.

We are still waiting on agents to officially inform us of their assigned team’s intentions towards our plans on striking out, however it seems like this plan is going ahead. Further communications about which strike we are voting on will be communicated through the usual channels. For those reliant on Morse code, please ensure your devices are charged.

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