We’re going to the desert.

How or when you spend your votes is up to you; however, I recommend not spending all your votes at once. The going theory is that votes get totted up per hour, so we need to spread votes out over the next 10ish hours. We cannot move any faster by shoveling votes in. Aid is the only way to go faster.

Coins are gone. You can now only give aid in Snacks increments. Aid as many other teams as possible, but do not give aid to teams that are already at 100%. Overflow is useless.

I’m going to explain the full version of the plot tomorrow. However, here’s the short version: The Coin (and all other coins) melted, both Crates and the Reader said enigmatic things, and the Black Hole (Horizon) has nullified every team that was inside its sphere of influence. The Black Hole is also expanding by the hour.

And if the black hole is expanding, we need to pick a direction and head there as fast as possible, because otherwise we’re going to get eaten by it. We did another straw poll and it was overwhelmingly for the Reader, just like the previous one was.

Good luck and good sense. It has been an honor to write for you. I’ll see you on the other side.

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