Arid Radio Security Missives

Arid Radio Security #1 Passwords Part 1

Or, Stuff You Probably Already Know, But it’s Good To Have Reminders

Disclaimer: I do not follow a lot of my own advice. I don’t have the energy to. At some level, it’s impossible to have true privacy on the internet. Don’t drive yourself crazy attempting to do so. OJ is running some advice for more die-hard security help, and I strongly recommend looking into that. However, there are easy things you can incorporate into your day to day that significantly reduce your risk of being taken advantage of online, and that’s what I’m here to share.

Tip #1: Passwords and Password Reuse Part 1

The average person uses a multitude of websites and apps that require password protection. The average person is also incredibly lazy when it comes to storing information. You will be tempted to use the same password for multiple sites and programs. DO. NOT. DO. THIS. NEVER reuse passwords, especially for things of any importance (any social media, any financial sites, anything where you would not want the contents of the account leaked to everyone you know). If you insist on password reuse, the very least you should do is add a string of characters to the end of the password every time you reuse it. For example, password for facebook and password[twitter] for twitter. This will be barely any help against a dedicated person, but will be mildly more helpful against a generic copypaste attack.


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