Season 19 Monday: A news update from your fresh-faced roam-dog MC Jazzy B!

filed by MC Jazzy B, apparently…? This is Gen’s fault.
audio rendition

How’s it hanging, secret agents? Just joshing- I know that info’s classified.
But what isn’t classified is a news update from your fresh-faced roam-dog MC Jazzy B!
So how about it, fans? Ready to get briefed on all the news that’s fit to spit? Here we go!

It was just Day 2 when the microphone sounded /
We couldn’t hear a thing we were all astounded /
And suddenly Sosa isn’t with us, no he’s /
In a big shark costume wearing water floaties!

A feedback with the Georgias! Wow, so soon? /
And I know it might seem like an anti-boon, /
But the agent we received, Siobhan Chark, /
Made a solid first impression in the ballpark!

She’s a contact hitter! I’m feeling tingles, /
When I see that shark selkie hitting tons of singles! /
But watch out- there might be more swaps eventual-
ly because there’s more feedback on our season schedule!

Let’s switch to Miyazaki for some fresher learns, /
Cause Emmett’s back from Elsewhere- The Cat Returns! /
Our feline friend is not a wee bit scattered /
And mew got home safely- now that’s what mattered!

“But what about our record?” Hmm, good question. /
And in my response I’m gonna make a suggestion: /
Don’t worry ’bout it dawg! There’s no need to be tense /
‘cuz Season 19 doesn’t make any sense!

We could party we could playoff we could Wild Card in, /
But no matter what happens, you know Spies Win! /
So thank you for your ear, ‘cuz the truth it gathers /
Is coming from your main man Jasper Blathers!

Sick! I already feel so welcome on the team. Who knows how long I’ll stay? I sure don’t!
But no matter what happens, I want to thank y’all for giving me a chance and believing in me.
On the mic and on the field, I won’t let you down! bang BANG, and peace out.


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