Season 17 Saturday: The Tacos have the championships. Congrats to another Wild Low team!

The Tacos have the championships. Congrats to another Wild Low team! “Taco baco”, as they put it?

Ding Ding Ding

Immediately after I posted the previous, the Miami Dale kicked us out of the playoffs. The Wild team that eventually won was the LA Unlimited Tacos. They then faced the Hawaii Fridays.

Valentine Games – who also played for the Tacos and us Spies (and also the Crabs and the Millenials) before going to the Fridays – hit dinger after dinger, cheered on by everyone in the park.

And then the Tacos swept 3-0.

This is the Tacos’ first championship ever. Though they would have been fine with losing the championship three times. They call having three losses “bscending” (because, well, it’s… not ascending). Their celebration parade – the pop-up Discord channel for the winners – was filled with a stream of pictures of… tuning forks. Something about trying to synchronize to the frequency of the Microphone.

They wanted to let Wyatt know that they won.

They wanted to let Wyatt know that they remembered him.


As a bit of an addition to yesterday’s post, someone pointed out that “Legacy” and “the Vault” are terms used by many games to refer to weapons, items, cards, etc. that have been removed from play because they were too powerful or unbalanced. This could be more evidence for the “turning them into items” thing.

I have also found someone else’s theory that partially lines up with this one… but also suggests that the items are being made out of Soul.

Voting Instructions

These were the best-polling options; you don’t have to vote for them (we certainly can’t stop you), but this is where the preferences landed after we ran the numbers.

As per usual, EYES ONLY. Non-Spies, you see nothing here.

Decrees: Library is the obvious plot choice; Laboratory is preferred; do not vote for Smithy because it is actively bad for us. Anything else is fine.
Blessings: Intelligence Crate (Intelligence is very good for pitchers and also it is on-brand), Last Not Least
Wills: Focus on voting for these. Transfuse Bennett Bluesky’s Pitching; Move Sosa Hayes to Shadows Lineup. (The reason we are moving Sosa instead of foreshadowing is because we want to foreshadow-swap him for Yrjö next season.)

Further poll breakdowns and commentary on alternatives are available, as per usual, on Discord.

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