Season 15 Saturday: Moist Talkers win despite the wildcard Wings, and Consumers zeroing out Soul cause Redaction.

The Moist Talkers take the Internet League championships! I’m told this still makes Spies win. I have absolutely no idea how it’s a win, but the Plan is the Plan.

Wild High Wild Card Wild Wings

The Mexico City Wild Wings were drawn as the wildcard (randomly chosen 5th team) for the playoffs. They had a very good run – making it all the way to the finals! Where they of course fell to the Canada Moist Talkers, but only after making the MTs really sweat.

Also, the Wings got their own Stephanie Winters pecked free. During the finals. We’ve already sent over advice on how to help her re-adjust.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Crabs have had… a Time. More specifically –

Zeroed Out

Consumer attacks continued throughout the playoffs; every time a Consumer takes a bite, it shaves a point off a player’s Soul value. Notably, on day 104, this brought both Nagomi McDaniel and Alyssa Harrell down to zero Soul. Which instantly redacted them.

Whether they behave like other redacted players in any other respect is currently unknown – there were no mysterious appearances at Secret Bases.

Uncle Plasma reports having had a “sinking feeling” at about the same time; what this means is entirely unknown.

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