Season 15 Friday: Avila swaps for Jomgy. Spies party. Chorby Soul gets a level of Ego and makes the Noodle bounce.

So, we’re in party time, huh. And this time we actually partied.

Jomgy Skated Into The Wrong Dugout

So, Jomgy Rolsenthal feedbacked with Avila Guzman of the Miami Dale. There are several theories for why this happened:

  • The Agency decided to hire an expert on coffee to look into the Uncle Plasma and Redacted and Secret Base mystery.
  • The Agency decided it had been paying Jomgy too much, and fired her to make internal metrics or something.
  • Avila wanted to party so much that, finding herself on a team that was doing too well, she decided to join the team that was in partytime.
  • Jomgy skated into the wrong dugout.

Mechanically this is actually a very good trade for us: Avila is a great home run hitter, and as such will get along nicely with Fitz, Math, Comfort, and Reese. Also, Jomgy wasn’t a particularly good player.

We will miss Jomgy, but we know that she will be in good hands and will make it to the playoffs with the Miami Dale. Because that’s a thing that’s happening, apparently.

Ups and Downs

Shortly afterwards, Denzel Scott and Avila Guzman were spotted partying on the field, and Bennett Bluesky followed shortly afterward. Whatever her original motive and/or recruitment pressure was, Avila apparently took one look at the Spies and decided that the team needed some loosening up. Which, to be fair, they do.

Also, Becker Solis got bitten by Consumers, cratering most of their pitching stats (but in a way that may be replicating the original Math Velazquez effect, where the pitching odds make no damn sense against the Spies).


Chorby Soul was pushed almost all the way to the top of the idol board, with only York Silk and Nagomi McDaniel stuck above them; they received an Ego+ modification for their trouble. (And York and Nagomi now have “Ego+++”, which probably does more than their existing Ego++? Look, I don’t know what’s going on here.) The rapid rise of Chorby Soul also caused all the other teams to get bounced around wildly by the eDensity and credit rating thing, attracting a wave of shark attacks.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Garages got called out by the Coin, who added: “These Ratings are through the roof!”

The Coin then teased something about ramping up production of items and left, leaving a distinctly metallic taste in the mouths of witnesses. Though that might just have been our observer chewing their lip in anxiety.

As To How To Vote?

The following is for Spies’ eyes only. If you are not a Spy, kindly scroll past this section.

I guess telling people not to click things doesn’t work, huh. Okay. If you aren’t already a declared Spies fan, please chant “I am a Spy” repeatedly under your breath while reading this, and then forget what you’ve seen when you’re done.

Decrees: Spies don’t typically do much with Decrees, but if you want you can vote for Bats, I guess.
Blessings: Shadow Batting Practice, Shadow Defense Practice
Wills: Foreshadow (Malik Romayne for Fitzgerald Blackburn), Move (Morrow Wilson to Shadows Lineup)

Details, and a full document explaining the reasoning for these picks, may be found in our Discord channels.

Oh, And…

Odds on the Crabs are good, sure, but they are not certain. Keep an eye on the finals.