Circuit 2 Sunday 2: Circuit 010, Jorge Gottwald being fed to the Microphone, and something that looks kinda like holiday wishes.

filed by Agent O


We got basically what we expected. Now, we sit back and wait for things to begin again.


The black-and-white-and-italic-and-bold-and-uppercase text (the one with no Entity attached) said some things about “FAULT DETECTED” and “FINDING NEW HOST” (presumably a pun about “host” as host computer) and then finished up with “CONNECTION ESTABLISHED: 010”.

So yeah, obviously Circuit 010 passed. Hopefully a midseason tournament will give us something to do on the first Saturday of what I assume is another two-week-long season. Mostly because I don’t think there will be time for such a tournament if the season was to be one week long.

The Microphone then tweeted “STATIC” and “NO SIGNAL”, retreating back into slumber.

Feeding People To The Microphone

The total number of votes this time are smaller, because there’s no concatenation bug; but there isn’t as much unanimity with the votes everyone does have, either.

As per the Plan, we staticked Jorge with a respective 68% of all Charge votes, which is what we expected to happen and aimed to do.

To put this 68% into perspective, the Miami Dale’s Leliel Princeton was the most agreed-upon Charge, with 84% of their votes; the least unanimous was Annie Otherworld, carrying just 29% of the Hellmouth Sunbeams’ Charge vote total. I’m told that Leliel Princeton was the only good player on the Miami Dale, and that the Hellmouth Sunbeams are being very casual this circuit.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure we Spies know what “casual” is. We still had a voting poll and full-size official guide with space for signed commentary, exactly the same as a normal season! See, we don’t want to slack off on best practices, even if this Circuit business “doesn’t matter as much” – best to keep everything running just in case it suddenly does matter.

Meanwhile, Giannis Manning was sent into an uncertain future by the Yellowstone Magic, Fist of the Ape God still in hand. Now, whether they get to keep it is another question.

Something About Bells Or Holly Or Whatever

We have no Blaseball until the new year. The election suggests that we will have another Circuit, the 010 one, and thus mainline Blaseball will not be returning quite yet.

There has been no word on how long this particular hiatus will be. Given that the pattern previously established has three-week hiatuses and also that the Game Band is taking the holiday week off, I’m personally guessing the second or third week of January.

The Ticker wishes all “A FESTIVE, JOYFUL, AND SAFE HOLIDAY SEASON”. My statement about this holiday/Christmas/Yule/etc. business (as someone who celebrates The Day After Holidays When All The Seasonal Stuff Is On Sale rather than the holidays themselves) is: Basically that, yeah.

(And for those of you who must remain undercover for family reasons: I hope that one day you will find better circumstances, and I wish you luck and sense.)

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