Season 14 Monday: Several of our players go Elsewhere. Flooding and Ego+ interact with soul. Futile hopes for party time.

Good time of day, Agents. Over the last unknowable unit of time, we have won 3 games and lost 4.

Flood Effects

We have also lost two of our Agents to flooding. Denzel Scott and Comfort Septemberish are currently absent. They’re probably out on a mission to help retrieve Fitz, who is still Elsewhere.

Fitzgerald Blackburn, currently being a pitcher, has an unknown reaction to being Elsewhere’d – they could return, or they could just be stuck Elsewhere… for…

It’s not unlikely that the ILB contract may be the only thing holding Fitz’s diffuse form together at this point, and that Fitz may need extensive recovery time and help upon their return. We’re hoping that time with the Lovers, who are more emotionally supportive, might be able to provide that. But if pitchers can’t un-Elsewhere themselves, then we’ll figure out a retrade. We take care of our own.

Anyway. We now know at least one effect of Ego+: it prevents them from being swept away by Immateria floods, keeping them on base. Also, failing to be swept away during a Flood due to ego elongates your soulscream.

Incidentally, remember how Chorby Soul has an absurdly long soulscream?

The Monitor, Again

The squid showed up, asked if we “[saw] the boss anywhere” and “what’s the plan”, and then left us with the ability to rearrange our Snacks and sell only part of them at a time.

An ability many people really, really wanted. Thanks, Squid. I don’t trust that easily. But thanks.

I see the squid’s level of godhood as being closest to being a shift leader in a fast food restaurant. Barely any more job security than us, and desperately trying to shield us from upper management, but ultimately still a stick in the hands of people higher up on the ladder. And ultimately someone we have to be very careful around. Unfortunately.

Party Time?

We could certainly use some party time. Karato Bean could be a good pitcher if given the chance, Morrow Wilson needs to build their confidence back up, and Yrjö Kerfuffle could use a bit of help catching up with the others. Also, the fact that two of our best batters are currently missing helps us lose more.

But counting on it this early is certain to cause heartbreak.

Your correspondent, over and out.

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