It is Thursday, Spies.

There is no particular significance to Thursday other than that it is the day after all of our plans fall apart and the day before we end the season. Any other things you have heard about Thursday are false, including that it, or any other days of the week exist.

Over the past unknowable unit of time we have won 15 games and lost 9 of them. We have lost one win due to Black Hole and gained one win thanks to Sun 2.

The Hellmouth Sunbeams and Unlimited Tacos lead our division in wins, with the Tacos up by 2 and the Beams up by 8. However, we will still likely make the playoffs, ruining our chances to party this season.

It is such a burden to be good, actually.

We long for the day when we may unpack our streamers and order ice cream cake. For now, Spies, we wish you luck, but you will not need it. We are the Spies. We always win.

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