Short Circuit 3 Tuesday 2: The wrong type of party, the wrong Title Belt holder, and the wrong weather effects. Also blood.

filed by Agent O

Good something or other, Agents! The Spies are performing entirely adequately, having won 7 games and lost 12. Also, Blaseball is just full of features lately!

Which Party?

For the Party Planning section of the election, we let the chips fall where they may and ended up voting to hold an awkward mixer, which was supposed to boost moxie, overpowerment, and thwackability. Unfortunately, wires got crossed and – despite the vote results clearly saying Mixer – we (and everyone else who voted for a Mixer) got the stat increases of a Formal instead, boosting Divinity, Chasiness, and Coldness.

What happened here, lore-speaking? Did catering show up with delicate plates of hors d’ouvres instead of the sandwiches we ordered? Did whoever wrote the dress code misunderstand that “black tie” does not mean the same thing as “business formal”?

Either way, given that one of these boosted stats is Divinity, we’re on another trip to Dinger City.

Title Matches

The spaces on the schedule that were Prize Matches last week are now Title Matches, where the holder of the Title Belt is pitted against a team in the bottom twelve of the bracket, and whoever wins that game keeps and/or wins the Belt. In a sort of musical chairs, whoever is holding the Belt is guaranteed a spot in the postseason. No word yet as to which spot. This set of rules has also been unredacted in the Book.

However, the Title Belt team modification flickered in and out of existence on the teams that won the belt, with the Canada Moist Talkers currently still holding said belt despite it already having been won by the LA Unlimited Tacos, Hellmouth Sunbeams, Baltimore Crabs, and Core Mechanics at various intervals, as well as flitting seemingly randomly between these other teams.

Now the real question is: Is there any safeguard against the Title Belt team being pitted against themselves?

Oops, No Weather

Another “feature” at the moment is that weather hasn’t been properly sticking – most notably two incinerations where the players in question are back to playing like nothing happened. Seems the Squid still doesn’t have a handle on the entrance to the Hall of Flame.

There was also a feedback between our pitcher Cher Kumar and a Chicago Firefighters pitcher called Owen Turbo, which initially interested us because Owen is an excellent pitcher, but ended up with both individually being members of their new teams but showing up, and playing, on their original team’s rosters. No, we don’t know what that means.

Blood Mix

The Squid showed up on Tuesday morning with a brief announcement:

made you a mix
it’s full of blood
let’s boogie

The midweek election promised on the schedule then appeared. It turns out to be for four types of blood, which will be awarded on a Blessing (raffle) basis.

At time of writing it is unclear where exactly the consensus lies, though personally I figure Strike blood is most helpful with our batting issues.

…Also, speaking of elections, why does this week’s Charge election have “LOW POWER MODE” written on it?

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