Pre-Season 18: These debriefs will now have multiple authors. Also, some things I forgot to mention at the end of the last season.

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Season 18 of Blaseball will begin… tomorrow? Today? Whatever it is where you live, I guess.

Some Housekeeping

As Agent O, I’ve written nearly all the debriefs since the Grand Siesta. I’m still going to write most of them, but I’m going to be delegating the Wednesday and Friday ones (and possibly Saturday? We’ll see). I would like to put at least some of my writing energy towards other things, like longer-form fanfiction. Or updating those wiki pages. We, uh, have a lot of wiki pages that need updating.

Also, another Spy has begun producing audio versions of these debriefs. In case you’re not like this writer, who passes every post through a text-to-speech program to check for misspellings and weird phrasing and thus has technically been listening to audio versions of these debriefs for weeks now. (It’s a good way to proofread. Try it on your school essays.) Something to keep your ears busy while waiting for your target to leave a building.

Speaking of updates, if you need something to follow, I’ll be crossposting our daily debriefs to BlaseAgentO on Twitter, whether or not I’m the one who wrote them. Or if you’d prefer a subscription without retweets and scintillating commentary, there’s always the RSS feed for the debriefs. For the five people who still use RSS these days.

Dangling Questions

I was reading through our archive and found a couple loose ends that I figured needed sweeping up, in case someone’s reading these in order trying to catch up.

Apparently players being Redacted has nothing to do with our… redaction thing? Still a weird coincidence, but okay.

When a Scattered player is swept Elsewhere again, this does nothing particularly interesting, as Eugenia Bickle could tell us. This being said, when a Consumer attempted to attack Malik Destiny of the Seattle Garages, that text did directly mention that they were Scattered while defending. This poses the question of what happens when a Consumer successfully attacks a Scattered player.

I seem to have completely forgotten to mention that Alternating an Attractor seems to remove Attractor from them entirely. During this last election, the Chicago Firefighters won the On Deck blessing, Alternating their entire Shadows roster: Lance Serotonin was rerolled, with the message “Lance Serotonin feels renewed.” Apparently Attractor can be rerolled, too, with the Reform will. I wonder what it turns into?

Also during the election, Liquid Friend was pulled out of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands’ Shadows, meaning that hopefully Uncle Plasma – who “needs help from a friend”, according to a certain Feed – will be able to continue the case.

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