Season 13 Tuesday: Another seasonal reading. Why we’re doing Operation Nullpark.

Good time of day, fellow Agents. In the last unknowable unit of time we have won 12 games and lost 10. Like I said. Regression to the mean. Also our first few games were against all the new teams, so our schedule is only going to get harder from here.

The Reading

As previously, earlsiesta came marked by a shuffle of the deck, a draw of the cards. This time, the Reading went as follows:

  • II The High Priestess
  • XV The Devil
  • XX Judgment

With the words “Going Under, Getting Over”, both the Hawaii Fridays and the San Francisco Lovers have received team modifiers – see this Twitter thread for more details.

Operation Nullpark

The word “Debt” is defined three separate times in the Glossary on the Blaseball website. We do not know why. We probably do not want to know why.

We wanted to hang back and see what stats and effects the Ballparks actually provide.

We wanted to ensure that our Agents have cash enough to reinvest in snack options, thus increasing our overall total income over the long term.

The fans have been seen chanting “No coins for the Coin.”

Do not fund our Ballpark. I repeat, do not fund our Ballpark.

If nothing else, we want to know what happens if we don’t.

And Now, the Weather

The umpires have been out in force recently, incinerating the Yellowstone Magic’s Sutton Picklestein, Charleston Shoe Thieves’ Hotbox Sato and the Core Mechanics’ Hands Scoresburg. Our deepest of condolences to the bereaved. We continue to put one foot in front of the other, even if the burden is heavy. As they say, play must continue.

Reese Clark swallowed an attempted incineration, became Magmatic, and hit a home run in a game against the LA Unlimited Tacos on Day 25. Our long-term embedded agent/former (?) spy Collins Melon being swept away by a flood during our game against the Breckenridge Jazz Hands on Day 31.

And Fitzgerald Blackburn is now, as of Day 32, Elsewhere. A flood came up and washed them away. We needed an agent to explore what was going on out there, and Blackburn has returned from difficult places before. This is part of the plan. This is definitely part of the plan. It is going to be fine. Maybe if I keep saying that, it will be true.

Spies win. And Spies do not let ILB contractors into our stadium for security reasons.

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