Fall Ball 1: Underneath a spinning void, the Spies scoop up Wyatt Mason IV and Bennett Bluesky crashes into a NY apartment window.

filed by Agent O

The first iteration of the Fall Ball has put one player each on all twenty-four teams. We have received Wyatt Mason IV. The next one will be next week at the same time. That’s about it, in terms of actual news.

Can I go now? …No? Fine.

The First Fall

The yet-unrevealed “commemorative pins” are now marked as REDACTED rather than locked. The first one, “Free”, states “Nothing is Commemorated. Nothing Beckons. Power Vacuum. Creative Void.” Is this Crates? I think that’s Crates’ writing style. Immediately underneath, next to an icon of a grayscale mandala, we have been told to “Reach Capacity to Open Something” at 15K. Do try to get your friends to sign up.

At the time scheduled for the Fall, underneath the so far still locked list of pins, a rotating helical bar across the page appeared and started spitting out a list of players and team icons, beginning with Charlatan Seabright next to a Baltimore Crabs icon.

This went on for the next several minutes; a full list is enclosed below. Players seemed to fall both from active play and from the Shadows. If Donia… never mind, I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

Bennett Eats All The Millenials’ Birdseed

In what is apparently being called Operation BLUESKYSCRAPER, Bennett Bluesky fell onto the New York Millenials. Being nonbinary trans and also part bird, Benny Blue is apparently already basically perfect for fitting into their lore.

Why them? Speculation includes but is not limited to:

  • The New York Millenials acquired the Birdseed team mod in the previous era. If team mods are being stripped, which will likely happen, they’re speculating that it’ll be because Bennett ate it all.
  • Because Bennett is a pilot, this is actually part of a plan to retrieve Thomas Dracaena’s Actual Airplane.
  • Bennett flew into their apartment window.


The Spies have long made jokes about “Spyatt Mason”, and the “Wyattbrains” – a nickname for people who are fans of NaN and the various numerical Wyatt Masons – have an AU where Wyatt Mason IV was on the Spies. The sim, in its infinite wisdom, decided to make this all real.

‘Ivy’, as they are commonly referred to, previously briefly echoed a Detective for long enough to investigate matters during the redaction case.

I eagerly await the Wyattbrains showing up on our doorstep with an entire novel’s worth of lore.

Okay, But Who Else?

Other notables include:

  • The Yellowstone Magic have Inky Rutledge again, and the Seattle Garages have had Henry Marshallow returned to them. Probabilistically, it is not at all surprising that some players will return to teams they were previously on. Expect another one or two of these in every further Fall.
  • NaN, of Also Not The Original Wyatt Mason fame, has shown up on the Ohio Worms.
  • Archie Lampman, who has just fallen onto the Dallas Steaks, was originally on the incinerated pre-history Mallorca Whales, and had ended up in the Hades Tigers’ Shadows due to their Ambush modification.
  • The LA Unlimited Tacos are pleased that Allan Kranch has better stats than Jebediah Kranch, a previous postseason birth of theirs that had been a minor meme due to their shared hilariously cursed last name.
  • Djuna Scoresburg shares a last name with the Core Mechanics’ now-deceased player Hands Scoresburg.

Full List

Players who have previously seen active play:

  • Charlatan Seabright – Baltimore Crabs
  • Ankle Halifax – Charleston Shoe Thieves
  • Qais Dogwalker – Breckenridge Jazz Hands
  • Pangolin Ruiz – Hellmouth Sunbeams
  • Bennett Bluesky – New York Millennials
  • Edric Tosser – Miami Dale
  • Engine Eberhardt – Mexico City Wild Wings
  • Henry Marshallow – Seattle Garages
  • Inky Rutledge – Yellowstone Magic
  • Randy Dennis – Boston Flowers
  • Frankie Incarnate – Chicago Firefighters
  • Silvia Rugrat – Tokyo Lift
  • Wyatt “Ivy” Mason IV – Houston Spies
  • Allan Kranch – LA Unlimited Tacos
  • NaN – Ohio Worms
  • Steals Chark – Philly Pies

Players who have never been active before:

  • Eris Street – Canada Moist Talkers
  • Juan Murphy – Atlantis Georgias
  • Elip Dean – Hades Tigers
  • Djuna Scoresburg – Core Mechanics
  • Alvie Kesh – San Francisco Lovers
  • Mags Highlife – Hawai’i Fridays
  • Hops Chen – Kansas City Breath Mints
  • Archie Lampman – Dallas Steaks

Picking Up The Pace?

The website says the next Fall will be next week at the same time; that would be Friday, October 4, at 2PM Central (Texas) time.

But if one set of players falls each week, that’s more than three months to fill up a regulation-size Blaseball team. So it’s likely that the pace will be increased. How will they speed up? More than once per week, or more players per Fall?

We will, as always, be watching.

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