Season 12 Friday: The first incinerations of the new Era, as we yet again barely dodge the playoffs.

Agents, the first Friday of the new era has drawn to a close.

On Day 79, in a game against The Wild Wings, our agents witnessed firsthand the incineration of Case Sports, a beloved lawyer and dear friend. At the, same time, news arrived from across the league that Joshua Butt, the angel of the outfield was also incinerated. Our deepest regards go out to the Wild Wings and the Firefighters for their losses. The umpires have awakened. The gods will not rest. Caution protocols are being increased to Code Burgundy for the time being.

Spies win, but at what cost?

In unrelated news, we managed to slip barely out of the playoffs, while winning too hard to enjoy the fruits of partytime. Instead, the season drew uneventfully to a close, as we watched for birds along the Sunbeams.

The birds never came. Our beloved Denzel remains trapped in their shell. Our bird-watching efforts will have to continue into next season. We’ll get you out soon, buddy.

The future calls our name

For now we must prepare for the future. The strategy has been decided. Operation P.L.A.S.M.A. is a go. Tomorrow we rest and cheer for playoff blaseball, but the election approaches. Rest assured, the next season of Houston Spies blaseball will be like nothing before. New teams, old rivals, and hopefully a revamped rotation capable of rivaling the best in the league.

Good luck spies, we’re gonna give it all we got.

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