Season 12 Saturday: The Tigers win and our new voting guide is complete.

Greetings, Agents.

The Hades Tigers won the championships, beating the Seattle Garages. The championship series was hard-fought, three games to two. Alas, the Ascension clause has now been stricken from the Book, so earning their third championship achieves nothing.

Also, Son Scotch has been having fun with their water wings during the flash floods that keep sweeping the field.

The election nears. You will find our voting guide, and an anti-voting guide, pinned in the Discord inside your wallet, disguised as a credit card. The anti-voting guide is a detailed analysis of why we are not picking certain decrees, blessings, or wills. It comes courtesy of Gen.

Remember, no matter what the outcome is, it is and will always have been part of the plan. Spies win.

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