Season 25 Thursday: This time, the big red Plot button is Purple. New Bees. Our weekly strategy poll. Coin, Crate, or Catastrophe?

filed by Agent L

Since the last report, the Spies have achieved and surpassed balance, with a 10-9 Wednesday bringing our seasonal sheet to 39-32. If the Beta rules for the postseason are followed (each Division leader plus the two best records among the remainder in each League), we are five games behind the Magic for a spot in the Post Season. Or maybe six, there’s no Divinities in the game yet, so there’s no Divine Favor to break ties. Fortunately, we can end the season as we began it, beating up on the Firefighters, while the Magic have to swallow a series against the Wings. The Plan is in motion.

Also of note, as this goes to press, the Tokyo Lift are the first to reach Partytime. “This Team Has Been Eliminated From Postseason Contention And Must Now Party.” Reconnaissance for potential Gains recommended.


The NEW Forbidden Book is on offer.

It is Forbidden.

Time is a flat circle. What happened, is happening. Season 1 is Season 1.

And for some reason, unmistakably, The Reader’s eye symbol graces the cover. They’ve always been a favorite of Spies, even if we just admired their anti-authoritarian bent and their Purple accents.

Note that this finishes a trinity with Coin and Lootcrates on the other two Decrees. There were early reports of a Power Vacuum. We may have some idea who we’re inviting in to fill it.

As an intelligence gathering Agency team, this is a good chance to see how our current cast of characters is reacting. Parker is understandably recommending against doing it again. The Fact Machine knows details about Beta Season 1’s vote totals. The Beat Reporter is purposefully mischaracterizing Parker’s message, even though the original sits immediately below it in the feed. It smells strongly of Propaganda, that the reporter may not be a reliable narrator. And Binky is focused on the games right in front of it.

Bee In

On day…wait, the days aren’t numbered anymore?

Earlier Today, Mindy Khan was bounced off of the lineup by Bees Gorczyca. The name combination has already been summarized as Honey Mustard. They look to offer decent batting as we enter the end of the season.

Thwack Hole

The Burping has not ceased. Even after the heartburn the Forbidden Book could cause, we now have two more blessings, bringing the total to 15. Guess Whose Thwack Yes, it’s Whose, not Who’s, because nothing will keep the site from a pun will boost a Lineup’s Thwack by 1 Star, while Shore Up will boost a random player on your Team’s worst Attribute by 5 Stars. Note how the blessings relating to attributes directly were withheld until later in the season, after the attributes were belched. Like someone designed it that way.

If you’ve been following the season, the players, their stars, and the blessings, you should have some opinions about what the Spies need to improve. You may even have opinions on which if any of the decrees are worth supporting with your influence. The Spies’ tradition is to gather the opinions of all interested Agents and report back what the sentiment of the team is. This is never mandatory or prescriptive, simply a chance to see which directions may have more momentum for collective action. Please, if you can, submit your report.

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