Season 25 Wednesday: More falls from the Black Hole, as well as new Blessings and the introduction of Attributes. And…?

filed by Agent א

Good [insert your own time here], Spies! Agent א here (with my first Debriefing!). Since the last Debriefing, we’ve won 12 games and lost 10, bringing our grand total to 28 wins and 23 losses. There’s also been some changes in the website, two new Blessings, more Falls, and some fan-made tools to boost your Blaseball experience. Blaseball is ever-changing! Except for the weather, apparently. It’s still Horizon weather.

Check Your Messages

We continue to receive tidbits of information from the Messages tab! @facts_machine has delivered some interesting fun facts:

Fun Fact! Highlight Plays!
Nerd Pacheco leads the League in Cool Catches, with 6!
Lenjamin Lin leads the League in Pathetic Swings, with 6!
Agan Harrison leads the League in Disgusting Pitches, with 5!
Facts Machine leads the League in Fun Facts, with 5!

So true, Facts Machine! Your insight is truly unrivaled. A day or two ago (The exact time cannot be determined, as the Messages do not have dates on them), @facts_machine also reported that Wyatt Mason IV, or Ivy Mason or Spyvy Mason has thrown the fourth most Strikeouts in the League, at 50.

Two Belches have been detected, reported live from @emergency_alert on the website. The first Belch gave us Attributes, and the second gave us two more Blessings.

Player Attributes Available!

Attributes give us more insight into our Players, through ratings in different categories. There are five categories, with three Attributes each. The five categories are Batting, Defense, Pitching, Running, and Vibes. Here’s a full list of the attributes:

  1. Batting: Sight, Thwack, and Ferocity
  2. Defense: Reach, Magnet, and Reflex
  3. Pitching: Control, Stuff, and Guile
  4. Running: Hustle, Stealth, and Dodge
  5. Vibes: Thrive, Survive, and Drama

To see a Player’s Attributes, click the League tab on the left of the website. Select the team the Player is on (if unsure, you can use the Wiki). Once on the Team’s page, select Roster. Then, simply select the Player and scroll past Ratings to view Attributes.

Blessings to Yeet Your Rival With

The two new Blessings available to us are as follows:

Yeet: Send your Team’s worst Player into the Black Hole and receive a random Player back.

Strike Zero: A Division Rival will receive the worst Overall Player from the Black hole

As always, we urge Spies to wait until the end of the season to vote. Waiting will let us make more informed decisions based off of our team’s performance.

The Sensational Newcomer Mindy Salad, and Other Player Changes

Yesterday, after the Debriefing was posted, our resident possum of indeterminable size Scratch Deleuze was hit by a falling Mindy Salad, and has been replaced by them. Salad has given it their all, proving to be a skilled batter and runner. Mindy Salad was previously a player for the San Francisco Lovers, and their adoring fans would cheer “Toss it!” as they pitched the ball. Seeing as they’re no longer a pitcher, this cheer will need to be replaced or reworked. Mindy Salad is rumored to be a superhero of some kind, and/or a mother and environmentalist.

Outside of our current team, former Spy Agent Siobhan Clark fell and replaced another former Spy, Agent Chet Takahashi, on the Philadelphia Pies. Chet’s Player page listed him as Shadowed before he was taken off the roster, so it can be assumed that Players that are hit go to the Shadows. So, Scratch Deleuze is sitting in the Spies Shadows at this moment in time.

Blaseball Gamma Site Format Browser Extensions

Discord user Woosh#1983 has compiled a list of Blaseball browser extensions into a Masterdoc, which can be found here. This doc includes “Quality of Life” extensions and “Just for Fun” extensions. The “Quality of Life” extensions make it easier to use the site, changing things like the font, font size, which teams appear at the top of the Play page, etc. Some of the links are to Discord messages exclusive to Maincord, so I’ve copy and pasted the contents of those messages and put them in a Google Drive folder. I hope that’s accessible for everyone.

That’s all for today. Have fun and be yourself out there. No matter what, it’s all a part of the – Hang on, what’s that thing that just fell?

(A Horrible Mistake We Will Make Again and Again starts playing)

The Forbidden Book!?

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