Season 17 Thursday: We find out what the Fax Machine really does. One pulls out a player called McBaseball.

So far we have won 15 games and lost 8. Spies do, in fact, win.


Allison Abbott, of the Dallas Steaks (and previously of the Seattle Garages), was incinerated. We extend our condolences, and also everyone else’s.

The Yellowstone Magic have lost Inky Rutledge for Jaylen Hotdogfingers.

The Infinite

Jessica Telephone tasted the infinite and Shelled Joe Voorhees. I hear that the Sunbeams were trying to have a tank season. There goes that plan.

Yes, that Joe Voorhees, the one who was on our team for less than a season. I always figured that Joe Voorhees’ Thinly Veiled Murderer routine was a deliberate act in order to make himself notorious: because the more attention you attract, the more likely you are to be blessed by the fans. Then again, who knows? The Agency’s files are vast and the truth is impossible to find.

Shortly afterwards, Alexandria Rosales may or may not have had a long-distance shouting match with Jessica Telephone, and then stalked away to practice pitching for two hours.


The Fax Machine, as it turns out, replaces a pitcher who has given up ten runs in a home game with your best Shadows pitcher, incidentally giving the outgoing player Shadows buffs.

This has caused a small handful of swaps. Most notable is that the LA Unlimited Tacos briefly replaced Yummy Elliot with McBaseball Clembons. McBaseball had once been part of an early plan to idol a Shadows player… in the early days, when Shadows players were a complete unknown. Of course, McBaseball being a terrible player, Yummy Elliot is back out again.

Andrew Solis, who continues to refuse to shut up about the entire “Baseball” thing, may or may not be vindicated by the presence of this player’s name.

As to the strategic implications – thankfully for us, the Fax Machine activates on ten runs, and not five as we’d feared. And all our pitchers are presently good enough that giving up 10 runs almost never happens. Well, except, uh. There was this game on day 33 where Alex gave up that many… glad we didn’t have the fax then.

Plans Within Plans

The strategy chat on Discord is still an overturned beehive after we figured out what the Fax Machine did. We’re still settling down, and of course I would very very strongly recommend not voting until Saturday.

If you are a declared Spies fan, you are authorized to read these draft notes I’ve dashed off so far. If you’re not, the following paragraph does not exist: We’re considering options to put Sosa in the batting lineup. We’re also considering trimming our pitching lineup down to three players. And we’re almost certainly Transfusing at least one of our pitchers. As to Blessings, I’ll have to get back to you on most of those, but what I know right now is that we’re avoiding On Deck. Not only is it extremely highly contested, it would ruin the strategic usefulness of the Fax Machine – we already have two good Shadows pitchers and we don’t want to lose them.

Also – Transfusing and moving Becker Solis to the Shadows at the same time turned out not to be a waste of time after all. It means that, when activated, Fax Machine will in fact pull her out! I should have trusted the Plan. I really should’ve.

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