Short Circuit 3 Sunday 2: Why did resetting the Microphone suddenly make it really big?

filed by Agent O

Yesterday covered almost everything, so I’m just going to sum up the election real quick.

That’s Not A Toy

Before the election results were released, the Squid showed up to say, of course,

the breath mints.

At this it shooed everyone out of the party, stating that it was “tired” and “hungry”. Then it tried picking up the Microphone, without success. Finding that the Mic wasn’t working and needed to be reset, it did so.

hold all eight buttons down
for ten seconds
it’ll beep

But immediately afterwards, with “ONLINE” in text much larger than before, the Microphone twitter account got renamed to…

…the “Macrophone”? To match this, the graphic of the Microphone suddenly became larger.

With the usual “STATIC” and “TUNING”, it then picked up “[TUMBLEWEED SOUNDS]” – a phrase/noise associated with blaseball0, Root, and the Desert

And abruptly stopped.

The emergency alert text took over.


Static Squared?

At this point we got our election results: Feridad Zest, fed to the plot with 46% of votes.

Then we found that when Zest’s player page was opened, they had two copies of the Static modification, instead of the single copy every previous Staticked player had. A few people joked and/or speculated (unclear) that this was to match Feridad’s two blood modifications.

Before our eyes, this then multiplied into three Static modifications. We checked with others. Indeed, every player that had been Charged this time around also had their Static multiply.


Why did the Mic have eight buttons? Remember, squids have ten tentacles! Also, why did resetting the Mic just make it real big, instead of making it explode or something? Unhinged theories are fun to think about.

Also, while I’m here – take out your trash. Yes, I’m talking to you.

The Debriefings will return with Blaseball itself, in the next era. In the meantime, good luck and good sense.

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