Circuit 2 Saturday 1: We’re in the middle of Molten Sea. The front page and Blaseball Beat have demanded that fans vote for Taste the Infinite.

filed by Agent O

The Houston Spies end this week – and this half of the season – with a record of 36 wins to 26 losses. This puts us ahead of almost all of Frozen Sea, but in the middle of Molten Sea. Wild Low is eternal.

The Worms/Spies Ship Name

We were supposed to play 63 total games. We, and most of the rest of the league, only played 62. This is probably because a spillover – a game longer than 60 minutes – happened earlier in the week. The only two teams that actually played 63 games instead of 62 were the Seattle Garages and the Dallas Steaks. It is unclear whether or not this is intended behavior.

Ifh-Biff of SIBR noticed that we were scheduled to play the Ohio Worms (and nobody else) for twelve straight hours, and asked if we had a ship name. Responses ranged from “Dig Up Dirt” to “Dr. Worm”. I suggested “Nightcrawlers”.

JPEG Artifacts in a GIF

A glitched-out picture of a peanut – titled “Taste the Infinite” – is now front and center of the Blaseball homepage. Not only that, but it has a counter above it, and this counter tracks the total number of votes for Taste the Infinite.

The Blaseball Beat all but demanded that we vote for this Distortion, accompanied by an animated GIF of a peanut’s outline filling up like a progress bar. This GIF became more and more distorted/compressed as it continued – from 25, to 50, to 75, to 888… and then to 888,888, with what looks like heavy JPEG distortion somehow stuffed into the GIF.

This message, and animation, were then reposted to the announcements channel of the official Blaseball Discord server on Thursday.

Here’s the thing, though. The official Blaseball Discord never does this kind of announcement. What if they aren’t getting quite enough hype for it otherwise? What if it’s at serious risk of not happening unless we step up our game?


The full strategy guide is available in the various Spies locations on Discord and suchlike, but the top polling options were pretty clear:

Amplifications: Hand Warmers
Distortions: Cold Call

Taste the Infinite was the second most popular of the Distortions, but it still trailed significantly compared to Cold Call.

An Alternative

If you don’t want us to be plot and/or would rather we remain in the running for other Distortions (remember, we can only get a maximum of one), but still want to hopefully not get smited by the Nutling for insufficient devotion, you can flute (switch teams, an action that used to require an item called a Fairweather Flute) over to another team and vote for TTI for them, then flute back. The LA Unlimited Tacos as a collective clearly really want it, and the Tokyo Lift and Atlantis Georgias also have been running serious campaigns for the same; personally I like the Tacos better for historical reasons, but choose whoever you want.

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