Season 23 Wednesday: Siobhan returns Sosa. Uncle Plasma’s mysterious feed message. The Sunbeams’ Thieves Guild takes Donia Bailey.

One agent has been returned to us. Another has been taken away. We won 7 games and lost 15.

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The Plan Comes Full Circle

On day 47, just one day after Siobhan Chark came out of the shadows as a Voicemail sent Reese Clark to the shadows for a much needed rest, one of the most interesting absurd? hilarious? things I have yet seen in Blaseball happened: a flickering feedback swap between Siobhan Chark and Sosa Hayes, precisely reversing a feedback swap from a couple of seasons ago. So the plan was to feedback to another team, soak up some party boosts, then feedback home? If that’s the case, what a weird way to get around the Spies’ lack of parties.

In the end, the net result of Siobhan Chark’s journey has been that the Hellmouth Sunbeams lost Quack Enjoyable. Everyone else got put back.

Well. Welcome back, Agent Sosa!

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The Public Library

A new team from Before has been revealed. The Busan Bisons are the newest entry to be unredacted in The First Day, 2nd Edition, and are believed by some to be the incineration replacements for the Maryland Squirrels, based on matching up the fish/character counts of redacted feed entries.

This information hasn’t been stolen from Agent Pony’s desk in the library, no matter what anyone else says.

With an increasing number of runs thanks to various Suns, Magnifications, Items and other modifiers, we have seen an increase in the number of Faxes and Voicemails. This has lead to both Uncle Plasma XIV on the Tokyo Lift and Uncle Plasma XII on the Canada Moist Talkers coming out of their respective teams’ shadows. Uncle Plasma XII has already detected some foul play, if you want a free (okay, technically 99% off) herring you can get by upshelling/upnutting a feed entry. (Remember, sort by “Special“, and “Newest First“.)

Uncle Plasma was returned to the Vault.

The Library is not the only place Herring can be used. Players entering The Vault also gain a few redacted lines. Uncle Plasma, beloved hardboiled detective, has the first redacted message revealed, and it shows that he came from the Vault.

This only raises more questions. What, exactly, did The Coin hire them for? How desperate was The Coin to pick from Her own Vault? What do the other entries say?

Presents and Five-Finger Discounts

With The Fifth Base on pitcher Dunlap Figueroa (at the time of writing), Traders, Traitors and Thieves Guilds have been swapping items between players like hot potatoes. Most notably:

  • Bennet lost their Smokey Rock Shoes of Subtraction to Cell Barajas.
  • Bennett stole August Sky’s Slimy Hot Skate Helmet (this helmet appears to also be in a superposition, like the Clutch Wooden Rock Ring was).
  • The Smithy repaired Comfort’s Parasitic Jersey.
  • Paula replaced her Limestone Sunglasses with a Blood Jersey of Fourtitude from the Prize Crate Fourtitude grants Fourth Strike. Which would be amazing on anyone other than our Subtractor.
  • The Sunbeams’ Thieves Guild stole Donia Bailey from our Shadows.

filed by Agent O

Is This How It Ends?

To repeat:

The Sunbeams’ Thieves Guild stole Donia Bailey from our Shadows.

After all the time we’ve spent trying to retrieve her. After all the frustration. After millions of votes and probability laughing in our faces time and time again.

(If ever I believed that the Plan knows what it’s doing, let me believe it now.)

Possibly she left because the Agency wouldn’t be able to follow her to the Hellmouth, as it is a place famous for its hostility to intruders. Possibly she left because the recently-faxed-out Reese Clark urged her to take a break. Possibly she left because she was sent to test a Houston-Hellmouth pneumatic tube system and then didn’t bother coming back. Possibly she left to try to acquire an Adaptation on purpose, hoping to find a talent that would let her free herself once and for all.


At least it’s the Sunbeams.

Because this meant we could tell them that we love Donia Bailey in the same way that they love Lars Taylor, and they immediately understood.

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