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Statement on Gatekeeping and Harrassment

Gatekeeping in the queer community is divisive; we recognize and support the right of bi people, pan people, ace people, aro people, and nonbinary people to identify as lesbians, or not, as they choose and feel true for them.


  • The houston spies oppose gatekeeping in the queer community- Bi, pan, aro, ace and nonbinary people have the right to identify as lesbians.
  • We understand that this kind of discourse is ultimately unhelpful. Many of us are queer, trans, neurodivergent and working class (here defined as anyone who isn’t a cop, CEO or boss, inclusive of disabled, unemployed and studying people). More connects us than divides us, and this sort of fighting amongst ourselves could be best used elsewhere.
  • Resources; a section containing articles and links to local queer organisations.


In light of current events within the Blaseball Community, the Houston Spies as a team would like to issue a statement of support for Bi, Pan, Aro, Ace and nonbinary people who identify as lesbians. We oppose gatekeeping in the queer community and the harassment of other working class queer voices.

We understand that in current times it can be difficult to organise and get in touch with local queer communities, but we are also aware that this sort of discourse is ultimately unhelpful. As a community vibrant with queer, trans and neurodivergent workers, we have far more in common than sets us apart. We understand that this sort of purity discourse is unhelpful to the eventual goal of queer liberation.

In her article Why Are Queer People So Mean To Each Other, Kai Cheng Thom outlines the trauma experienced by queer people as they grow up within the heteropatriarchy, and how this can manifest in our intra-community discourse.Some of the bitterest fights can be with people in our own communities, because we share space, share a language, even mostly agree.

We must stand in solidarity with each other, rather than fighting about our differences. We can organise for change in our communities, but we should not forsake our allies to do so. Blaseball as a community has shown incredible capacity for mutual aid and organising in the past. We are all oppressed by heteropatriarchal capitalism, and we should turn our wrath to oligarchs and fascists rather than inwards upon each other.

In the comments below is a list of useful resources curated by members of the Spies to help distribute this energy in a productive direction. If you have any additional resources you would like to be here, please comment on this post to add them in. Note that these are picked by specific members of the spies and don’t necessarily represent our entire team.

Kill The Gods,

We Will Be Watching


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Here are some articles and resources I think are useful (this is Dalm)

Trans In The UK: What The Hell Are We Going To Do by Harry Josephene Giles.

Intended for members of the UK’s queer community,but highly relevant elsewhere, also outlines a robust framework for local community organising which may help redistribute this energy in more productive directions.

Why Are Queer People So Mean To Each Other by Kai Cheng Thom

An article advocating for solidarity against those who would oppress us, and the mechanics by which queer infighting occurs.

Radical Transfeminism Zine

A zine containing poetry, literature and manifestos about trans and LGBTQIA+ solidarity.

Invert Journal

A journal of contemporary marxist thought covering topics such as gender abolition and the liberation of feminised subjects

Wages For Transition by Harry Josephine Giles

An article about how being trans– and being queer, is work, and how the fight for the working class and the fight for queer liberation are one and the same.

Also of note: one of our core Spies players is, in lore, usually interpreted as a nonbinary lesbian. So if you want to say that to Alexandria Rosales’ face…

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