Season 13 Wednesday: Operation Nullpark lasted 20 hours. Comfort Septemberish finds a blagonball.

Hello, Agents. Over the past unknowable unit of time we have won 13 games and lost 8. Sosa’s newly improved pitching, and our loan of Knight Triumphant, who has been dubbed Sir Veillance by our fans, have been doing a lot to help us win.

Fitzgerald Blackburn returned from Elsewhere after seven days, but we could not get any meaningful information out of them about what Elsewhere was or what it was like. The only thing they could tell us for certain was that it was made of immateria. Which we knew already.

The Game That Wouldn’t End

Raúl Leal, of the Miami Dale, had just been incinerated right in front of us on the 43rd. Raúl wielded the Iffey Jr., which protected everyone else on the Miami Dale against incineration… but apparently not himself.

So. Day 49 (here’s a link to the play-by-play archive from Reblase). We were playing the Dale again. We sat underneath a solar eclipse, both of our respective teams’ fans utterly terrified.

In the top of the 7th inning, a rogue umpire incinerated –

A rogue umpire attempted to incinerate Caleb Novak, who ate the flame.

By the top of the 8th inning, the score tied at 4 to 4. And remained tied at 4 to 4 for another ten innings, thanks to Karato Bean and Sixpack Santiago’s pitching.

The game did, finally, end when Fitzgerald Blackburn hit a 2-run home run at the top of the 18th. And thank f—. The edges of our seats were starting to dig in.

…We didn’t even reach spillover.

Comfort Finds a Blagonball

In lighter news, on day 45, Comfort Septemberish hit a “natural cycle” – hitting a single, a double, a triple, and then a home run on consecutive at-bats. Comfort was rewarded the six-blood blagonball for this achievement.

Comfort’s statement to the press afterwards: “I FOUND A NEW TOY IT IS SHINY”. Never change, Comfort. Never change.

A Partial Success

We managed to refuse to construct our ballpark for nearly 20 Material Plane hours. While this wasn’t able to get us to day 72, remember that everyone else’s ballpark was funded within an hour, and that it’s a shiny button that does a new thing. Consider this a partial success for Operation Nullpark. At the very least, we have the Coin’s attention now.

Wait. We have the Coin’s attention now. That might be bad.


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