Let The Spies Get XVIII The Moon!

Full Name: Lets Undergo Naps, Alright?

Starting Date: Season 11

Ending Date: Season 11 Election Deadline.


Status: Overwhelming Success.


We have won The Moon. Not only did we get a plurality of the votes on it, we actually won it. This is amazing news.

We’ve done well agents. It’s time for a Grand Siesta. Let’s celebrate our success, and get ready to come back for the next Era.

We’re proud of you.

Archived Details

Welcome back Agent. As I’m sure you’re aware, we are being asked to pick a Tarot Blessing. Each Team gets only one, and we’re trying to make sure that we get the one we need.

We all know about the moon. Some of us called it home. At least, before it went away. Math claims it’s not gone however, and that it’s still out there somewhere. As usual, we’re going to trust Math on this, and do our best to go find the moon. Some of us left some of our belongings on there. I, for one, left my Switch.

For this Operation,¬†Spies¬†must vote for the XVIII The Moon blessing. There isn’t a way to check what this will actually do, and it may very well hurt us, but we should always aim to shoot for the stars moon.

Thematically, The Moon represents illusion, fear, anxiety, subconscious, and intuition while upright. If reversed, it stands for the release of fear, repressed emotion, and inner confusion. As you all very well know, be it upright or reversed, both of these apply to us significantly.

We’ve been on the moon before, and as we found it once we can find it again. Trust us, as you’ve trusted us before.


As with before, any propaganda to aid us in this Operation is heavily appreciated, and as such, some will be featured in this section. Feel free to feast your eyes on our agents’ artwork, and share it. Special thanks to everyone featured.

by Monojira
by EpicToast
by Enbyss

by Nullcasting

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