A Message From Your Morale Officer

This championship and election is Great News! for the Spies:

  • We were the top votes for a blessing for once! (Partly with help from other teams!)
  • Our operation forced the Game Band to liberate ALL the Pods players just to make us Spies look incompetent! Nice!
  • Since our operation no longer required the PBA blessing, it ended up in the possession of our favorite rivalliance, the Lovers! Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!
  • Keeping stealthily to the shadows, we coordinated not one but TWO great division blessings to be won by another team in our own division!
  • Sharing Signs is obviously meant for us, the Houston team, and we get to share it with all our Wild Low friends! Bang BANG!
  • ‘Ey! We’re walkin’ heah!! As you know, Houston Spies love strolling to first base… and now we can do it more easily than ever! Comfort is going to be thrilled!
  • (Also, Wild Low stayed together again!)
  • Evelton McBlase II, whom we created and then worked so hard to abandon, is now absolutely off our team forever, having infiltrated the Crabs last-minute as they ascended!
  • There is now a modification that lets players sandbag, named in a way that brings to minds the Spies, again, as we predicted (Espionage Blood => Saboteur.) Hmm!
  • There is now a Japanese team, as we predicted, and the name is suspiciously similar to our prediction! Coincidence? We’ll see if it happens three times.
  • The Tokyo team appears to have 100% Jock appeal; since the Spies concept is 100% Nerd appeal, we won’t lose fans to them. Perfect!
  • Guaranteed one blessing per season for as long as the Corporateverse rules this plane! Fair Play, baby! Are you ready to be Happy?

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