Full Name: Player Extraction And Peanut Overwatch Division

Starting Date: Upon the start of Season 10’s Wild Card Round.

Ending Date: When Season 10’s Election ends.


Status: Uh…?


When the Election ended, we managed to get 10 out of the 12 PODS onto the board. Despite the Peanut’s defeat, we maintained our efforts on the Operation in the chance that the players would be lost. However, these efforts proved to be meaningless at the end.

Once the Election ended, the Hall Monitor came informing us of the Boss’ incoming presence. Expecting resistance, we prepared, however it turns out that the meeting was far more complicated than that. The Boss proceeded to mention how Blaseball has been unfair, and will be going through an era of Fair Play. Knowing what we have been through, this was welcomed by all of us.

However, once the Boss disappeared, we came to see what had happened. All of the PODS had been redistributed amongst the Teams. Despite us having a plurality for Popular By Association, we lost it to the Lovers who had 1% of the vote.

The Operation’s status is unknown because it’s hard to classify it as a failure or a success. Our Operation turned out to be meaningless, however all of the PODS were liberated anyways. Despite us not getting any of the POD players, I personally still would classify it as a success. Agent B, if you disagree, feel free to add onto this.

One thing remains however. We are intensively grateful for all of the help that we have received. Our greatest thanks go to:

  • The Wild Low: We are glad that we have stayed together. We greatly appreciated your support in this Operation. Special thanks go to the Tacos who have crafted so much Tacoganda for the Operation, and pushed it incredibly hard.
  • Everyone else: Everyone in the ILB assisted with the Operation. All teams did their best to try and pull the PODS up. We cannot specify how grateful we are for your efforts, and not only because they’re classified.

This Operation is over. Despite it having a weird conclusion, I am proud of all of you, agents. May we stay as united as this in the future.

P.S. We will miss you, Crabs.

Thank you, Houston Spies.

Archived Details

Hello agent. This operation is an experiment whose purpose is to liberate our allies who’ve been subjugated by the Peanut.

Some have expressed wishes to align specific players with the icons on the board. Do not fret, since those icons have usually taken effect after the Season has ended. Feel free to focus on that first, however once the Season ends, this Operation will be automatically assigned to you.

This Operation consists of the following steps:

  • Strategically idolise the PODS so that all of them appear on the leaderboard.
  • Use the “Popular By Association” blessing to hopefully take one of them.

Simple? Yes. Foolproof? No. There aren’t enough PODS to cover the entire board, so this may fail and steal another team’s player instead. Keep this in mind when thinking of who to idolise beside the PODS.

There is one problem. All PODS are inaccessible through the general interface, and due to the Mic’s Feedback, the idol board was reset, losing access to any and all PODS that were presently on the leaderboard. As such, we will be using Direct Links to the team and players in question.

The TARGETS are the SHELLED ONE’S PODS. This team consists of 12 subjugated players. If our mission succeeds perfectly, this gives us a 12 out of 20 chance of success. Any less PODS on the board, and this chance gets lowered.

The following is a list of the subjugated, along with their links and assigned teams. The assigned teams picked were based on team size on Discord, as well as the teams each POD formerly played on. Make sure to idolise the correct player based on the team that you’re on, to ensure a roughly equal amount of idolizers for each player.

Player NameAssigned Teams
Peanut BongMoist Talkers + Dale + Lovers
Wyatt QuitterTacos + Steaks
Francisca SasquatchSunbeams
Patel BeyonceMillenials + Mints
Alejandro LeafFlowers + Firefighters
Wyatt PothosMagic + Spies
Pitching MachineShoe Thieves + Wild Wings
Peanutiel DuffyTigers + Fridays
Jessica TelephoneJazz Hands + Pies
Peanut HollowayGarages + Crabs
Jaylen HotdogfingersCONSIDERED SAFE.

Make sure to use these links responsibly. Idolise appropriately. The Operation rests in our hands. May we Liberate our allies.


These include any propaganda made for this Operation. It’s mostly to celebrate efforts made by agents to help improve the success rate of an Operation. You can help by spreading this Propaganda around, or even by making your own!

By Dalmationer
by EpicToast
by Gallium
by DeeJayRingis
by DeeJayRingis
by Henrietta
by BeeFox

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