Another unknowable unit of time, another Wednesday, and once again we see an upset in our progress. For once, however, this upset has worked in our favor. Our record over the past unknowable unit of time is 15 wins to eight losses, an improvement over our previous string of ties.

But we are not yet ready to celebrate, Spies. This season’s weather affects have had an unpredictable and frustrating impact on our overall strength, leading many of us to believe we would be in a quick race to party time. Fate Our skills had other plans, though—we won five out of six games against the Baltimore Crabs and swept a three-game series against the Hades Tigers, heartily boosting our record.

What will the rest of this season hold? Only time will tell. Unless your clearance level is high enough, in which case you know more than I do. Stay safe, Spies, and do try to win.

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