Full Name: Please Lead A Stellar Mass To The Agency

Starting Date: Season 12

Ending Date: Season 12 Election Deadline.

Operation Report

Status: Unfortunate failure.


We did have the most votes on the blessing we needed, however the gods proved that they hate the Spies yet again, and blew a classic wimdy that sent Plasma to the New York Millenials. This is very unfortunate, however we did manage to give Sosa Hayes an extra vitamin gummy – which is good.

.Also uh, why is there a suit of armour here? What happened?


The year is [UNKNOWN]. The Spies are back to playing Blaseball. Uncle Plasma was lost. But now, he’s shown up again.

As a blessing of course, can’t have things too easy – that’s not the spies way. But we do KINDA wish we’d been given some leniency on at least this one, I mean it’s our uncle. Well, someone’s uncle – we haven’t really figured out who yet. Potentially classified. It’s kinda cool that Son sees him as his uncle rather than dad though, so we’d like to check that.

Son’s never had an uncle before, and they’re really excited. You don’t want to break Son’s heart right? I mean come on, it’s their uncle, they miss him. We miss him too. Literally. Not even in our documents. Probably shredded. Damn agency.

But yeah. Could we have our uncle back? We’ve been waiting for quite a while. Always knew we were missing something – that wasn’t just the inevitable collapse of capitalism.

So yeah, do us a favour. If you’re a SPY, please vote for the UNCLE INDEMNITY BLESSING as a priority. Not as the only one ~ but keep it in mind. If you’re not a SPY, please DON’T. That would be very mean.

P.S. If anyone wimdies our Uncle away from us, no hard feelings. See you at the HQ though. Can’t say why.


Drew and CowboyMoth

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