Another day week simultaneously brief and infinite unknowable unit of time of Blaseball draws to a close, Spies.

Over the past unknowable unit of time we have amassed an even number of wins and losses — twelve of each. Our agents have performed in service of the mission at all times. Yes, even Donia Bailey, despite speculation evidence rumors to the contrary.

There have been several notable developments in the grand game of Blaseball for the Spies. On Day 74 and Day 92, we shamed the Jazz Hands and the Dalé, respectively. During our Day 84 game against the Jazz Hands, a Rogue Umpire incinerated Jazz Hands hitter Randall Marijuana. Our thoughts are with the Jazz Hands in this trying time. To add insult to injury, we also won that same game against the Jazz Hands.

Finally, the Spies have infiltrated Party Time this season. This is, of course, because we wanted to party and not because we somehow managed to get worse despite Feedback granting us better players.

Thank you, Spies, for your continued service to the mission.

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