Welcome to playoff season, Spies.

This year we will not be participating in the playoffs, as our skills are best used elsewhere. There is no other reason. Certainly not yesterday’s two wins to five truly abysmal losses. All is going according to plan.

Though the Spies have been eliminated from this season due to our immensely successful subterfuge and poorly optimized team, there are still interesting developments to be found within the Blaseball League. The most prominent, of course, is the achievement of the fabled Third Strike. By failing to band together, fans of Blaseball successfully raised Peanutiel Duffy to top-three idol status to atone for crimes against the gods. However, this was not enough to satiate the Peanut‘s desires; the other two top-three idols have been shelled, potentially hindering their capabilities in the next season.

This development also casts some shadows on the Election. Many fans of the Seattle Garages, along with numerous like-minded fools[spoiler] sympathizers, have negotiated to place Jaylen Hotdogfingers, the first player to be incinerated after the [spoiler]Forbidden Book was opened, in slot fourteen, thereby allowing the Lottery blessing to snatch her from beyond death itself. Now that the Blaseball community has achieved the Third Strike, the Fourth could be right around the corner. The Spies neither approve of nor condemn this action, though the ensuing chaos may be amusing or destructive or even apocalyptic.

As you were, Spies.

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