Once again we reach our patented mid-week slump, Spies.

Our positive win-loss ratio has been upended, and the past unknowable unit of time‘s record is now 7-16.

The Spies’ abysmal performance aside, the past unknowable unit of time has resulted in numerous lineup shifts. Jaylen Hotdogfingers, newly resurrected, began occasionally hitting players with pitches. Now, it seems, the debt incurred by returning from the dead is being collected — Unstable players appear to be more likely to face incineration, as happened to the Hades Tigers’ Moody Cookbook and Mclaughlin Scorpler and the Canada Moist Talkers’ Elijah Bates, Antonio Wallace, and Kiki Familia, who was the replacement hitter for Bates.

The Spies also shamed the Tacos on day 39, but in the face of so much carnage, it’s hard to celebrate.

Stay safe out there, Spies.

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