It’s the end of Season 7, Spies, and we are officially ready to party.

Over the last unknowable unit of time, the Houston Spies amassed 13 wins and 10 losses. Our recent agent recruitment efforts seem to be paying off, even if we did get absolutely thrashed by the Unlimited Tacos.

On day 76, we shamed the Tacos despite also being thrashed. In return, the Jazz Hands shamed the Spies on day 79. Fitzgerald Blackburn also swallowed a stray peanut on day 71 and found it delicious — now they’re better at pretty much everything.

Swamuel Mora of the Chicago Firefighters drained some of Morrow Wilsons’ defensive ability on day 82, which is a disappointment, but our defense is our only best asset, so we are not particularly worried about that.

Note: Defense remains important, but our newly gained stars suggest maybe we should tone it down on the self-deprecation a touch? However, we remain only a touch better than the Dale.

In League-wide news, several more debts were collected with the incinerations of Hades Tigers pitcher Yazmin Mason, hitter Frasier Shmurmgle, and Canada Moist Talkers hitter Workman Gloom. Rest in violence.

Note: It’s possible that necromancy was a “bad” idea. Pass this information on to sector 37.

Remember: Spies win. Even when we lose.

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