Spies, something has changed.

This is Blaseball; many things change every day. Rogue Umpires zap players into piles of ashes. Giant squid appear and establish a tribute hall for those same players. And yet, the most incredible thing, the most unfathomable thing, seems to have happened: the Spies are good, actually?!

We knew after last season that things had improved for us. Our players partied. Evelton McBlase II, our terrible clone experiment was sent away in exchange for Karato Bean. But we never anticipated dominating (or at least having a very high standing in) the League because we haven’t been a particularly competitive or even very good team.

All this to say: fifteen wins to nine losses, Spies. It’s real.

In other news, we shamed the Crabs twice and were shamed by the Tacos twice. Does it make sense? No. But it’s all part of the plan. If you don’t know the plan, consult your supervisor. If you don’t know who your supervisor is, you are the supervisor.

Have a good one, Spies. Spies win. Seriously. Spies win. A lot, actually.

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