HELLO EVERYONE WE MADE THE PLAYOFFS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT WTFFFFF This is extremely unprofessional. Strike it from the record.

Good news, Spies. 

This has been a wonderful unknowable unit of time for the Houston Spies. Though our recent performance has been more of a struggle as we face off against teams with stronger records, we have officially sealed our place within the season eight playoffs. We won thirteen games and lost ten, making it a much slimmer but still positive ratio, even if we were shamed by the Miami Dale on day seventy-two.

In better news, Fitzgerald Blackburn was spotted sipping blood from the Unlimited Tacos’ Pitching Machine through a standard-issue Spies crazy straw. Congratulations on the increased strength, Fitz. 

That’s it for today, Spies. We look forward to our uncertain victory in the playoffs.

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