We are in the playoffs, Spies.

The path here has been long and rocky with many upsets. The path forward will no doubt be similar. But we may rest assured that this is all in service of our grand mission. Win or lose, Spies, we win.

The events of the past unknowable unit of time have perhaps deflated our egos a bit. We lost three games to the Miami Dale. The wheel of fate turns inexorably on. We are still in the playoffs.

Speaking of the Dale, a Rogue Umpire attempted to incinerate their hitter Beck Whitney in game ninety-four. However, Whitney is Fireproof—the result was that the Umpire was instead incinerated. This raises all sorts of questions, none of which we can answer unless your clearance level is high enough. And trust us: it is not.

The end of the season also brought visits from the Shelled One and the Hall Monitor. Neither visit was particularly conclusive. It seems the Shelled One is unhappy with the peanuts being offered as tribute to the Hall of Flame denizens. The Hall Monitor inquired as to whether our friends have become eggs and remarked that it is still hungry. This does not bode well.

Placing Jaylen Hotdogfingers, NaN, and Sixpack Dogwalker into the idolboard at places marked with microphones has had some interesting results. Hotdogfingers has gained a permanent “Flickering” status, while NaN and Dogwalker have become marked as “Receivers.” The two Receivers also have new Pre-Game Rituals, which have been spotted to read, “hi friends,” “it is Wyatt,” and “I have a plan.” What this means remains to be seen is also above your clearance level.

Remember, spies win. Even the playoffs. We are manifesting, now. Spies win. Say it with me. Spies win.

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