The mission continues, Spies.

We are currently tied for top of the league with the Crabs. Though we suffered some over the past including being absolutely by the Dale on one occasion, our overall record is 15 wins to eight .

After the excitement of the previous , things have been a bit dull. We have no lineup shakeups, no player swaps, no incinerations, and, thankfully, no encasing of our players in giant peanut shells falling from the sky. Only time will tell what the next wave of games will bring, especially as we will once again be on NaN watch.

NaN, if you’re reading this, Son says they will trade you a “Charizard” for your “Mewtwo” if you come back. We are very proud that you’ve picked up speaking in code so quickly—despite agents dedicating several days to translating this message, they have yet to crack the code.

Stay safe out there, Spies. Watch the skies.

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