Welcome to the playoffs, Spies.

I know, it’s a little premature since this debrief technically refers to events in the past, but I started the previous one with “Good morning” and didn’t want to do it twice in a row. Now I’ve made it so I can’t use “Welcome to the playoffs” on the next, which is something for me in the future to deal with. When I say “me in the future” I am, of course, referring not to the me writing this at a future date, but rather the version of myself scheduled to return from time-traveling tomorrow, who has agreed to take over debrief writing from here on out.

I will not say that the previous was uninteresting because every moment of Blaseball is interesting, what with the constant threat of Feedback, Reverb, Incerations, and untold horrors besides. Regardless, not much happened to the Spies yesterday, other that we yet again won 15 games and nine.

Oh. We have also rekindled our rivalry with the Garages, as we both seek the boosting and retrieval of players in the Shadows. This rivalry commences immediately, and will culminate in a Battle of the Blands, in which we will see Denzel Scott absolutely shred it on the French horn. Tickets are available now, with all proceeds going to purchase votes for SECRET WEAPON and OUT OF SIGHT.

Good luck, Spies. Let’s this.

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