Once again, we have made the playoffs. Once again, our efforts have been may be thwarted by the Baltimore Crabs. But we press on, dedication to our mission always taking precedence. It would have been be super dope to win though, right?

Our record over the previous unknowable unit of time is exactly even—six wins, six losses. This is not accounting for our performance in the playoffs, which was exactly the same as last season will hopefully be great.

The Election is tomorrow, and we hope that we will soon see our terrible pitcher Donia Bailey again. We are sure she has grown even surlier and cantankerous in her absence.

While we may have lost lose this season, Spies, there is always the next. We will come back stronger and more formidable than ever, depending on whether ascension completely destroys the league or just the Crabs or something else entirely. Who knows. Let’s find out!

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