Welcome to Season Ten, Spies.

Another election, another blessings for the Spies. Though we did benefit from the Sunbeams winning Mutually Arising (a 2% buff for all Wild Low teams), we were also hit with Fifth Base thanks to the Crabs.

Several weather decrees also passed, limiting our weather this season to Birds, Blooddrain, and Eclipse. What does that mean for us? More outs and unshellings, more siphoning (more on that in a bit), and more incinerations (more on that, too).

The dawn of Season Ten also brought some new changes to our team. Reese Clark is now a “Fire Eater,” which is fun because they do not have a mouth, and also because they are no longer vulnerable to incineration. Congratulations, Reese! You’re now the only one on this team that doesn’t have to fear for their life one-third of the time.

Jordan Hildebert, resident sentient security camera, also benefited this season—they now are a “Friend of Crows” and “Siphon,” meaning that they can drive birds to attack hitters and that they can benefit from Blooddrain more frequently and with different results. What does all this mean, really?

Seriously, stay safe, Spies. Avoid all eye contact with umpires and keep your head in the game. We would like to see but not if it means the utter of our team

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