Season 16 Friday: Chorby Soul is dead again. Salmon Cannons work. An unfortunately named postseason birth.

And we have clinched our spot in the playoffs, fellow Agents. Good work. Insofar as we did any work.

Now for our series against the Ohio Worms…


The Yellowstone Magic have our sympathies for how their roster has been cut in half by redactions. You didn’t deserve this and I’m sorry.

By and large, the reverbs that have happened lately have not shattered teams. …Yet.

Chorby Soul, who had been made permanently Unstable, went up in smoke on their first (and only) day pitching during a Solar Eclipse. Thankfully, Alaynabella Hollywood of the Seattle Garages had her Unstable dropped after an in-game week.

Then there was Winnie McCall, one of the original and core members of the New York Millenials. There is an entirely unsubstantiated (but very sweet) rumor that, in response, Becker Solis sent Andrew Solis a weighted blanket with the note “sorry, Agency work is keeping me too busy to go hug you in person, this was the best I could do”.

And then

Salmon Cannons Do The Intended Thing

In our game against the Sunbeams on the 95th, the Sunbeams’ stadium did us an enormous favor:


So they work after all! And they do what they were intended to do!

We have no idea how secure this protection is; it’s unlikely to be complete. But it does something.

Our Postseason Birth

The name Nepeta Chen comes with some… baggage. The name Nepeta is a reference to Homestuck.

At time of writing (April 16-17, 2021), I want you to idol Nepeta Chen. If people want Nepeta, they can come get Nepeta. From the idol board. We just don’t want people messing with our existing roster.


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